We are passionate about helping clients develop a more creative culture – one that fosters a climate conducive to producing, sharing and incubating new ideas. Our Idea Climate Equation program helps guide a conversation about corporate creativity and innovation. What behaviors get in the way? How can you encourage organic creativity and ideation?

It's hard for most companies to realize their vision of becoming more creative. Why is it easier said than done? Primarily because corporate cultures favor and reward analytical and logic-driven characters who love process and rigid business models. To make matters even more challenging, there is also a status-quo-favoring whirlwind of egos, emotions, pressure points, and hidden agendas flying around the innovation function like electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom.

It can get messy. Get used to it. When pursuing creativity and innovation, coloring outside the lines comes with the territory. Embrace it because what comes out the other side can be transformative.

The Idea Climate Equation program is grounded in the cultural aspects of corporate innovation. We believe that most companies often risk over-processing the innovation function, which has the potential to diminish an organization's creative energy and output. Utilizing the Idea Climate Equation to assess your company's culture helps identify unproductive patterns and habits that lessen employee engagement and results. The ultimate goal is to create a climate where belief prevails so that your employees will be energized to work together to develop winning ideas for your business.

Innovation is a creative endeavor. Ideas are its fuel. Ideas need fertile ground and a proper climate to sprout and flourish.

To learn more about our Idea Climate Equation workshop program, contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help inspire your organization..

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