Insight Activation:
We lead an expedition to unearth the truth. We deconstruct the consumer experience and create fresh, insightful statements about what they are doing and how they feel about it. We create insight boards with words and images to stimulate the imagination of your team and agency partners.

Ideation Facilitation:
We frame ideation events strategically to engage the curiosity of the team and employ graphic facilitation to inspire creativity. Every ideation project has its own unique objective. That's why we develop custom sessions – never cookie-cutter formats.

Expeditionary Learning:
Ideas are timid things. They don't always come when you expect them, and they are rarely triggered while staring at a computer screen. We organize and lead expeditionary events that allow your team to get out of the office and into environments where they can be inspired.

Product Development:
We provide consultation on portfolio management, new concept development, rapid product optimization, technology scouting and intellectual property. We also curate relevant trends and technologies that can serve as inspiration for product development teams.

Mission Main Street Grants