Type "innovation" into Amazon's book search and it will return nearly 48,000 choices. In a world of countless books, blogs, consultants and points of view on "how to do" innovation, wouldn't you agree that it's getting a little out of hand?

One might argue we're spending more time defining and debating innovation than actually innovating.

The intersection of strategy, innovation and creativity forms the letters "ate" -- the Latin suffix which means: to do, to make, to cause, to act upon, to do something with. Perhaps it's a friendly reminder that innovation is about action, energy and motion.


It's not just about thinking of new things but actually doing new things. That's why we prefer the word innovate. It invites action not definition.

We are a belief driven firm predisposed to action. The heart of our firm beats to the following drums:
We believe in leadership. Innovating successfully begins and ends with senior leadership. Leaders must create vision, engage and demonstrate commitment while giving employees permission to dream – without fear of retribution.

We believe in belief. The power of belief can transform an organization. If employees believe, they will help create the future. If they doubt, they will contribute to failure.

business ideas We believe in imagination. Successful organizations of the future will require an abundance of creativity. Employees must feel free to be imaginative and dream. Encourage the question, "What if?" Never criticize employees for sharing ideas – no matter how absurd the idea might be.

business ideas We believe in action. It does no good to just talk about ideas. They must be put into action so learning can take place.

business ideas We believe in objectives. Asking team members to deliver an objective is far superior to asking them to accomplish a specific task. Providing an objective empowers teams to continue thinking, which usually leads to solutions never before considered.

business ideas We believe in boundaries. Creativity without limitations is chaos. Innovators require strategic boundaries and limits. We have a healthy respect for process, but recognize it can become burdensome and overwhelm a creative team. Like all things, balance is key.

business ideas We believe in diversity. From the experience of team members to environments, diversity is the friend of creativity. Exploring diverse surroundings and meeting new people helps stimulate the brain to make novel connections that can lead to novel ideas.

business ideas We believe in observation. Looking at the world and marveling at its unique creations imprints information into our brains that can be retrieved later to connect future problems to future solutions. Be present. Walk with your head up high and wonder at the abundance of originality and ingenuity surrounding you.

business ideas We believe in truth. We treat our customers and ourselves fairly, with complete honesty and with the highest degree of integrity. There is no other way to operate.

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