Vision & Strategy:
We are collaborative thinking partners who identify and roadmap new strategies for growth. We can lead scenario planning exercises during your next business planning cycle, or we can scan the globe to curate relevant trends and innovations to help reframe your strategic thinking.

Organizational Culture:
We consult with Executive teams to help diagnose cultural problems that interfere with innovation and engagement. Our Idea Climate Equation tool provides a simple teaching framework for developing a more forward-thinking culture and for managing creative employees.

Innovation Infrastructure:
We can help you build a productive, idea-driven organization and provide advice on developing optimal supporting infrastructure. We consult on process, stage/gate, creating proper roles, governance, metrics and idea management.

Team Building & Coaching:
As an Independent Authorized Distributor of DiSC® assessment tools, we can kick off your next team building event with a review of the group's leadership styles. We also coach one-on-one with innovators to develop and strengthen the mindset required to maintain high performance in challenging fields.

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